Hello, my name is Manoj Awasthi. I am an engineering leader and programmer in my forties; an autodidact and a family man. I am passionate about technology and always believed that technology can make a huge difference to humanity. We are already seeing great feats in technology that were unconceivable just few dacades ago.

I tweet from @awmanoj and email from last_name dot first_name @gmail.com.

I also blog at this site, this site (older technical stuff) and this site (my attempt at photography).

I love reading books, learning new things, programming and believe in building useful things.

There is one entrepreneurial venture which I gave a serious attempt to – an e-commerce into flowers, chocolates and bouquets: Floshowers. I moonlighted this venture along with job with a friend in Jan, 2011 and continued with this for over year and half before deciding to quit it in Oct’ 2012. Floshowers continues to exist with rest of the team. It was a huge learning experience for me. I looked into operations and marketing and technology part of the business (startups in early phase are like this only!). Floshowers was based on a Ruby on Rails based ecommerce framework Spree and was listed in the Spree Showcase. Reasons for quitting Floshowers were personal issues and I still have great relation with my friend.

Thanks to technology, world is more connected today than it ever was. You can connect with me at LinkedIn, Facebook, follow me on Twitter, check me at stackoverflow or drop a line at email (address above).

You can check what photos I click either at my blog OR on flickr.You can check what I code at Github.

In the past, I have worked at Adobe in India and led engineering teams at Tokopedia, one of the largest marketplaces in Indonesia. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Currently, I lead the technology as CTO at JULO, a fintech in Indonesia working towards credit access to the underbanked population.